Q: Who made the game?
A: Both “Super Pillow Fight” and the “Twas the Fight Before Christmas” are made by Ben and MaryAnne of indie studio Aoineko.

Q: So 2 people made the whole game?
A: Yep!

Q: Who do I contact with questions about the game?
A: Just send us an email! MaryAnne [at] superpillowfight.com

Q: What gave you the idea for a pillow fighting game?
A: Well, basically it just seemed like a fun interpretation of the fighting game genre! We hope everybody enjoys it!

Q: When is the full Super Pillow Fight game being released?
A: Early 2018 for PC, Mac and Linux. Soon after we are planning releases for PS4 and XBoxOne. Other platforms will be considered afterward.

Q: I found a bug! Where should I report it?
A: Send it to vernebrokethegame@superpillowfight.com. If you’re curious why we picked that name, play the game and find out!

Q: What are the minimum recommended system specs for the game?
A: We don’t recommend playing the game on a system with onboard graphics but other than that, any mid-level system should be more than sufficient to run the game at its default low quality settings. If you have a high end GPU crank the visual settings up to high! We have a very cool CRT scanline emulator that gets toggled on and adds to the retro look of the game.

Q: Who did the Christmas metal music for ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas?
A: Those tracks have been gifted to us by the extremely talented musicians at orionsreign.com and frogleapstudios.com. Check out their websites and youtube pages for tons more awesome music!

Carol of the Bells (Heavy Metal Version by Orion’s Reign):

Last Christmas (Metal Cover by Leo Moracchioli):

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